Monday, 5 December 2016

Procure Joomla Benefits for your Business Website Development

Joomla was introduced in the web development industry as an open source content management system (CMS) framework in September 2005. Since then it has been competing with other CMS frameworks and it has gained popularity for its rich features and functionalities. Gradually, it became the first choice of businesses for web content management system and e-commerce business development due to its cost-effective and attractive features. Let us put a glance on the benefits that your business can derive by opting for Joomla website development:

Ease of use

Whichever sector your business may be operating Joomla can efficiently handle it all! Be it news website or e-commerce website, this platform can manage the web content effectively. Joomla specialists create interactive user interface rendering users the ease of access. You can conveniently and efficiently access the functionalities of Joomla website regardless of your technical knowledge.

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Low cost

Joomla is an open source CMS framework and you can use it for your web development project free of cost. The only cost you have to bear is the development cost which you can minimize by opting for outsourcing Joomla development agency. Joomla offers free templates which you can use for your website customization. Premium templates are also available at affordable price.

Fast development

Joomla comes with a wide range of ready-made themes and templates which not only makes your investment in website development cost-effective but the development process also time-effective. It also has infinite plug-ins and templates which your Joomla expert can utilize to add the desired functionality to your website as per your business requirement without the need to write codes from the scratch.

Secure and stable

The Joomla CMS user community has hailed this platform as very secure and stable which is one of the solid reasons for its popularity. There are hardly any instances of Joomla website getting hacked or crashed. Security has been always prioritized by Joomla community and they always debug and tweak the Joomla core for security, upgradation and quality.

This was just a brief introduction of this power-packed CMS that has tons of features and functionalities from which your business can be benefited. Hiring a Joomla expert to entrust your website development project can save you from future headaches and technical issues. So get started with Joomla!

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Monday, 5 September 2016

Give Your WordPress Website a Winning Edge with WooCommerce Specialist

If your website is powered by WordPress then you can easily give wings to your dreams of selling through your site, be it products, services, time, subscriptions or anything, without having to rebuild your site from the scratch. Just you need to integrate the WooCommerce plugin and get started with your e-Commerce functionality. Yes, it is that easy, provided you get an expert WooCommerce specialist to provide you with cost-effective solution.

Before we discus about why we need to outsource, let us put a glimpse on how WooCommerce woos the customers and boosts your business:

1. Cross- and up-selling: A WooCommerce site provides you with cross-selling and up-selling features giving an extra boost to your sales.

2. Ample payment options: There are plenty of payment gateways like paying via credit cards, cash on delivery, PayPal and BACS (bank transfers). You can also integrate region-specific payment options including the favourite ones like Amazon Payments, Stripe and Authorize.Net.

3. Flexible shipping options: You can either offer flat-rate shipping or free shipping or charge according to real-time calculations. Either send shipments across the entire globe or limit it to specific parts of the world.

4. Complete control: With WooCommerce you can control taxes, customer accounts, stock levels, in other words, gain complete control over your store. Also you can alter design, switch settings, remove or add extensions as per your discretion.

5. Developer-friendly: It is highly extendable, flexible and open source; built keeping developers in mind. It allows scaling your site from basic to high end being a very robust framework.

Let us now discuss the reasons why it is advisable to subcontract WooCommerce development project:

1. Cost reduction: Outsourcing WooCommerce specialist can save you time as well as money as you need not invest in office staff and infrastructure.

2. Benefit from expertise: You can get service from highly skilled developers who already have hands-on experience of maintaining WordPress and WooCommerce sites.

3. Personalised e-store: You can avail services to personalize your e-store as per your requirements. Your specialist can do the technical tasks like adding functionalities in a fraction of a time than what you would need to do the same.

4. Data evaluation: By analyzing basic web metrics and Google analytics data, the service provider can improve your website for enhanced user experience and higher conversion.

5. Focus on business:By outsourcing routine business tasks like SEO, CRM, CMS, etc. you can save quality time to focus on other important aspects of business.

So, get in touch with outsourcing WordPress specialist from India and get competitive advantage for your e-Commerce business.

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